Weather, Buoys, Cams, and More in one location for all your Lake Erie information

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Great Lakes Conditions

The Great Lakes Portal provides detailed up-to-the-minute information about weather conditions such as wave height, wind speed, and other important factors for boaters

Live Buoy Data

Buoys on the Great provide crucial information about the always changing lakes, from wind speed, water temperature, and wave height to turbidity, air temperature, and air pressure.

Toledo Water Intake Buoy

Current wind conditions at the Toledo Water Intake Buoy assists boaters in being safe when deciding to head out on Lake Erie

Put-In-Bay Cams

Here you’ll find some of our favorite spots in Put In Bay. The cameras are live 24/7 for whenever you need your Put In Bay fix!

Lake Erie Islands Cams

The scenery looks so much better in person, but if you’re at your desk looking on a computer, we understand. Don’t worry, the lake’s not going anywhere.

Kelleys Island Cam

Live Cam from Kelleys Island: The Village Pump along with current wind conditions on Lake Erie provided by