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A description of officers duties are listed below the officer photo, along with their contact information. Please reach out to the appropriate officer. For general questions, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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2024 Officers


Amanda Zalenski

The Commodore presides over yacht club business, participates in naval traditions older than this country and have overall responsibility for the operation of the Club.

Vice Commodore

Matthew Mikesell

The Vice-Commodore assists the Commodore and officiates in his absence along with overseeing the process of incoming new members of the club.

Rear Commodore

Billy Byrd

The Rear Commodore shall assist the Commodore and the Vice-Commodore and officiate in their absence. She shall be responsible for the operation, maintenance, and upkeep of the bar, equipment, and related facilities, and the bartenders.

Fleet Captain

Crystal Plaza

The Fleet Captain is responsible for all boating activities, land cruises, navigational aids, and related programs.

Sail Fleet Captain

Mike Joseph

Sail Fleet shall address the diverse and unique concerns of those that are interested in Sailing and or are boaters of Sail in the Club. The Sail Fleet Captain is responsible for all Sailing activities

Recording Secretary 

Josh Vail

The Recording Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings, Files pertaining to the minutes, reports and communications of the Club, and all official records of business shall be the responsibility of the Secretary for the retention and upkeep

Corresponding Secretary

Rob Bonnough

The Corresponding Secretary is responsible for maintaining the club membership database and official correspondence of the Club including the publication of the Club’s monthly newsletter, the NAVIGATOR, website, and all social media accounts

Financial Secretary

Jen Pastorek

The Financial Secretary is responsible for all moneys of the Club, keep an accurate account of all monies and books. She is responsibility for all key-cards and key-card locks. She has the responsibility of keeping accurate and up-to-date seniority records and rosters, and will be responsible for keeping the Club’s seniority board up-to-date.


P/C Bob Stoldt

The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all funds of the Club. He shall be authorized to expend all such funds as approved by the membership by way of an approved operating budget.

Harbor Master

Jimmy Barber

The Harbor Master shall be responsible for the construction, repair and maintenance of the channel, docks, navigational aids and floating equipment.

Yard Master

Rick Haskins

The Yard Master is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Club grounds and related grounds keeping equipment, boat storage, cradle and trailer storage. He shall also be responsible for repair and maintenance of electricity and water on the yards and grounds and also taking care of the gas pumps, waste water pump out and maintenance, and purchasing of the gas/diesel.

Dock Master

TJ Cousino

The Dock Master is responsible for all dockage and dock assignments, operation and maintenance of the boatlift and boat handling equipment, i.e. trailer, yard truck and tractor. He is responsible for ensuring boat owners maintain proper proof of liability insurance as well.

Building Chairman

P/C Jeff Gartz

The Building Chairman is responsible for maintenance and improvement of all buildings.

Entertainment Chairman

Chris Soska

The Entertainment Chairman is responsible for all social functions of the Club except land and sea cruises organized by the Fleet Captain.

Work Coordinator

JR Cousino

The Work Coordinator is responsible for contacting members to form work parties, maintain work hour records of all members as reported to him, in writing, by those in charge of work parties, and shall post this information on the Club bulletin board or printed log available for Members to review.