Calendar Of Events

We do our best to keep the calendar updated in a timely manner, sometimes events are scheduled last minute and the event may not be listed on the calendar. Check our Facebook as well

Google Calendar Limitations

  • Our online calendar is an embedded Google calendar. Limitations on the functionality of the calendar are determined by Google. 
  • You can change the view from Month to Week, Day, or List by clicking on the appropriate view in the top right corner.
  • You can scroll through months by clicking on arrows in the top left corner.
  • Some functions of the calendar may open a new tab with the actual Google calendar for easier viewing and functionality

Google Calendar Functionality

  • Only 3 events will be displayed per day, if there are more than 3 events there will be a “+# more’ listed on that day. You can see the additional events by clicking on the ‘+# more’.
  • A limited number of characters are allowed for each event, click the event to see the full description.
  • After clicking an event, a limited amount of information will be listed. To see the full details click ‘Event Details’ in the bottom left corner of the event details box.